Taco Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe

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The manufacturing process is extremely simple, you simply need to comply with the methods that we have composed on this web page. The adhering to are the stages of how to prepare Taco Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe.


1 lb lean ground beef
1 35g package taco seasoning
8 slices Dempster’s White Bread
4 tbsp butter, softened
1/2 cup iceberg lettuce, sliced thin
1 tomato, diced
1 cup cheddar cheese, shredded
salsa, guacamole, sour cream, for dipping

  1. In a large skillet, brown ground beef over medium high heat. Add in taco seasoning and stir to combine. Remove from heat.
  2. Spread butter on one side of each slice of bread.
  3. On the non-buttered side, add lettuce, tomatoes, ground beef and cheese and cover with other slice of buttered bread. The buttered side should be facing outwards.
  4. Heat a skillet to medium-high heat. Grill each side for 2 to 3 minutes or until desired doneness is reached. Cut in half and enjoy hot. Serve with salsa, guacamole and sour cream for dipping.

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