What drinks to offer your guests at your party celebration?

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Are you planning to host a party? Is the mere thought of deciding the drinks menu giving you jitters? If you are here, it becomes easy to assume that you are looking out for some inspiration for your party. While no successful celebration is possible without good food, it cannot be a happening party without good drinks. So, here are a few sure-shot favorite drinks that can turn any party from a miss to a hit.  

What drinks can you offer?

Non-alcoholic drinks:

  1.       Virgin Mojito: Mojito is the most versatile and classic mocktail that you can serve your guests. It will blend well with whatever cuisine you are serving to your guests, and rest assured for it can easily complement every guest’s palette. You can make this soda-based drink with mint, lemon, sugar, salt, and crushed ice. While the Virgin Mojito is perfect for the non-alcoholics, you can always transform it into a cocktail by using white rum instead of soda.


  1.       Fruit Crush: Who doesn’t like fruits? If you want to offer your guests the goodness of fruits, adding them to the drinks can be an excellent way. A crush contains a thick syrup that you can prepare beforehand. At the time of your party, all you have to do is pour this thick fruity syrup to a glass, add water or soda, top it with some ice and garnishing and your masterpiece is ready. If you love experimenting, ditch regular flavors like mango and oranges and pick something more exotic like kiwi or blueberry.  



  1.       Iced Tea: Now is the time to move over basic lemonade and give it a trendy makeover. Ideally, iced tea is a form of chilled tea that comes in a package. While you can enjoy the classic iced tea that gets real flavors from tea bags, you can add various flavors like lemon, peach, and even ginger. This easy to make drink will be a hit among all your guests.  


  1.       Fresh Juice:  On a hot sunny afternoon, nothing brings as much relief as a glass of fresh juice can. If you are hosting a brunch or lunch party at your home, offering freshly squeezed juice to your guests can be ideal. You can use seasonal fruits and keep a wide array of juices to suit different taste buds. While it will quench their thirst, it can also be a healthier alternative to other drinks.


Alcoholic drinks:

  1.       Beer: Beer is said to be the life of every party. Since it is one of the most favorite alcoholic drinks for most people, it can be a safe bet to include it in your drinks menu. Beer is a light alcoholic drink that can go well with snacks. While it will get your guests in a happening fun mood, it will certainly not get them drunk. You can get two varieties of beer, one light, and one strong to suit everyone’s preferences or get some locally crafted seasonal beer to experiment. To play safe, get enough bottles of beer, such as Corona Premium beer from the local store beforehand and let it sit in the refrigerator to get chilled. Serve it cold with piping hot food.


  1.       Wine: A majority of people prefer to drink wine at any party due to its health benefits. So, if you are keen on keeping everyone happy at your party, go with aged wine. Wine is an ideal drink to pair with food, despite that you are having a full 5-course meal or maybe inviting your friends over only for snacks. Apart from the basic classification of white and red wine, you can pick the suitable varieties depending upon the grape, the area, and its age. Are you having a celebration? Then ditch the standard ones and go for Stella Rosa Black to toast to your happiness.    


  1.       Scotch: If your guest list consists of seasoned drinkers who enjoy a glass of hard liquor, you cannot skip scotch. The absolute favorite dark spirit comes from malted barley, wheat, or rye in the distilleries located in Scotland. While a majority of people prefer having the golden scotch neat on the rocks, some might even add water or mixers to dilute the intense flavor. You can either serve scotch on the rocks or mix things up to make some experimental cocktails for your guests. No matter what way you serve it, scotch will always add a classy and royal touch to your party. Premium Scotch, like Macallan, is sure to bowl over your guests.


  1.       Signature Cocktail: Are you having a theme party? Do you want to add a touch of personalization to your celebration? Then, curating a signature cocktail for your party is the right way to go. Think of a few options like Smirnoff Vodka and gin that will not only complement each other but also go well with the theme. Apart from garnishing your drink, giving it a unique name will make it a hit among the guests.   

Final Thoughts

Hosting a party can bring a lot of responsibilities. From making a list of guests to inviting them, from deciding the menu to finalizing it, the work is enough to give you the jitters. If you want to ensure that your friends and family have the time of their lives at your party, pick the best drinks mentioned above. If it is a quiet family gathering, go with juices and mocktails, but if you are in a celebratory mood, get premium liquor to add fun to your festivities.