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Hey there, welcome to our recipe blog. Below you can obtain a guide on exactly how to make very tasty STRAWBERRY CHIA PUDDING FOR YOUR VALENTINE dishes. The manufacturing process is very easy, you just require to comply with the methods that we have created on this web page. The following are the phases of just how to cook STRAWBERRY CHIA PUDDING FOR YOUR VALENTINE. Please follow the guidelines well.

Valentines is about celebrating everyone you love — I also enjoy this day for it’s over-the-top color palette of pink, red, gold and anything shiny, sentimental and covered in hearts! These topics are my JAM. I can’t help myself. This morning called for something pink and a little bit special . . . . And using strawberries, the Earth’s natural heart shape, voila Strawberry Chia Pudding Topped with Cacao Nibs and Roasted Coconut Chips

I did a little prep with the pudding last night and picked flowers on my neighborhood walk this morning — nothing is finer than waking up in Santa Barbara sunshine, birdies chirping in the trees and trolling for blossoms in a tank top. I am loving winter in Southern California!

Have you tried chia pudding yet? It’s miraculous — I am a lover of wobbly gelly desserts (boba and tapioca fanatic!), so embraced this gelatinous pudding whole heartedly. If you aren’t of this tribe, you may want to skip this recipe all together. It takes a tinsy bit of forethought, but then gets more and more tender as it sits in fridge. Topped with a little fresh fruit, granola, dried fruit, coconut or other add in, it really is a fantastic (and vegan) replacement for yogurt . . . Or just as an anytime snack, it sure hits the spot.

Strawberry Chia Pudding with Crushed Raw Cacao Nibs, Coconut Chips and Gojis
adapted from Emily’s recipe on The Kitchn
serves 4

  • 5 or 6 large strawberries
  • 1/2 can (6.5 ounces) of coconut milk
  • 1/2 can of water (use the same coconut milk can)

pinch of salt

  • 1-2 tablespoons honey
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/3 cup chia seeds

for garnish:

  • fresh chopped strawberries
  • crushed cacao nibs
  • coconut chips (I love the roasted type from Trader Joes)
  • goji berries

other garnish ideas:

  • granola
  • black sesame seeds
  • dried fruits
  • banana slices
  • toasted quinoa
  • sea salt
  • raw honey


  1. In a blender, combine strawberries, coconut milk, water, honey and vanilla on high until smooth. Pour mixture on top of chia seeds in a medium sized bowl. Whisk thoroughly. Let stand for 10 minutes on counter, then refrigerate for at least 4 hours to let pudding firm up. Whisk again upon serving, adding a little extra liquid if needed. Top with garnishes and enjoy!
  2. ……………………………

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