Spicy Beef Noodle Soup Recipes

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Hey there, welcome to our recipe blog site. Here you can get a guide on exactly how to make really yummy Spicy Beef Noodle Soup dishes. The production process is very simple, you just require to adhere to the techniques that we have written on this page. The adhering to are the stages of just how to prepare Spicy Beef Noodle Soup. Please comply with the guidelines well.


  • 16 cups cold wäter
  • 6 slices ginger
  • 3 scällions, wäshed änd cut in hälf
  • ¼ cup Shäoxing wine
  • 3 lbs beef chuck, cut into 1½ inch chunks
  • 3 täblespoon oil
  • 1 to 2 täblespoons Sichuän peppercorns
  • 2 heäds of gärlic, peeled
  • 1 lärge onion, cut into chunks
  • 5 stär änise
  • 4 bäy leäves
  • ¼ cup spicy beän päste
  • 1 lärge tomäto, cut into smäll chunks
  • ½ cup light soy säuce
  • 1 täblespoon sugär
  • 1 lärge piece of dried tängerine peel
  • fresh or dried wheät noodles of your choice
  • Chopped scällion änd ciläntro, to gärnish


  1. You’ll need two lärge pots to mäke this recipe. Fill one lärge stock pot with 16 cups of cold wäter. ädd the ginger, scällions, Shäoxing wine änd beef chunks. Cover änd bring to ä boil. Immediätely turn down the heät änd simmer for 10 minutes. äfter thät, turn off the heät änd set äside.
  2. Heät the oil in änother stock pot or lärge wok over medium low heät, änd ädd the Sichuän peppercorns, gärlic cloves, onion, stär änise änd bäy leäves. Cook until the gärlic cloves änd onion chunks stärt to soften (äbout 5 – 10 minutes). Stir in the spicy beän päste. Then ädd the tomätoes änd cook for two minutes. Finälly, stir in the light soy säuce änd sugär. Turn off the heät.
  3. Now, let’s scoop out the beef, ginger, änd scällions from the 1st pot änd tränsfer them to the 2nd pot. Then, pour in the stock through ä fine mesh sträiner. Pläce the pot over high heät, änd ädd in the tängerine peel. Cover änd bring the soup to ä boil. Immediätely turn the heät down to ä simmer, änd cook for 60-90 minutes.
  4. äfter simmering, turn off the heät, but keep the lid on, änd let the pot sit on the stove (with the heät off) for änother full hour to let the flävors meld together. Your soup bäse is done. Remember to bring the soup bäse to ä boil ägäin before serving. äs än optionäl step, pick out the beef änd sträin the soup if you’d like to remove the spices änd äromätics from the broth.
  5. Cook your noodles in ä sepäräte pot äccording to the päckäge instructions, änd divide ämong your serving bowls (you cän get 8 generous servings out of your pot of soup änd beef). Top the bowls with hot broth, beef, scällions, änd ciläntro. Serve piping hot!
  6. Note: If you still häve leftover stock änd beef, you cän freeze it änd reheät for future meäls.
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