Peppermint Crunch Fudge Recipe

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Hello there, welcome to our recipe blog. Below you can obtain an overview on exactly how to make extremely yummy Peppermint Crunch Fudge Recipe dishes. The production process is really simple, you simply require to adhere to the methods that we have created on this page. The complying with are the phases of just how to cook Peppermint Crunch Fudge Recipe. Please follow the guidelines well.


1 bag Candy Cane Kisses we used about 30 pieces total
½ cup Andes Peppermint Baking Chips
1 cup sugar
½ cup heavy cream
½ tsp. salt
½ cup butter
1 bag white chocolate chips
1 small tub Marshmallow Fluff


  1. We started by peeling off all the Hershey’s Kisses wrappers and cutting them in fours.
  2. Then we put parchment paper on the 9×9 pan. This keeps the fudge from sticking to the pan.
  3. Put the white chocolate chips and marshmallow fluff in a big bowl. Set aside.
  4. Visit Peppermint Crunch Fudge @ for full instructions.

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