Peppermint Bark Candy Cane Hearts Recipes

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Peppermint bark is a classic Christmas candy. Candy canes are a classic Christmas candy. And when these two classics collide? You get an entirely new (but soon-to-be-classic!) Christmas candy that looks beautiful, tastes delicious, and is perfect for gift giving! I mean, really. Have you ever seen anything cuter than this?

These candy cane hearts are dead simple to make, but they look so impressive that you can give them to your friends, family, coworkers–heck, even your boss–and bask in the knowledge that they will think you’re a culinary genius. Make mini ones to use as cake or cupcake toppers, or make large ones and package them individually as edible gifts. You can also omit the peppermint bark and just make candy cane hearts to hang on your Christmas tree.


24 large candy canes
12 oz dark chocolate candy coating
12 oz white candy coating
1½ cups miniature candy canes


  • Preheat your oven to 250 degrees F (120 C), and line two baking sheets with foil sprayed with nonstick cooking spray, or silicone liners.
  • Unwrap the candy canes. It’s okay if some of them break during this process, because they can be fused back together—just place the broken pieces next to each other as if they had not broken. Arrange the candy canes on the baking sheet in pairs, with 2 candy canes facing each other like a heart shape.
  • Bake the candy canes in the 250 F oven for 5-8 minutes, checking them after every few minutes. They will gradually soften as they heat up, and the trick is to soften them enough so that you can bend and shape them, but not to let them get so warm that they start to melt and get misshapen. The exact time will vary depending on your canes and your oven, so keep a close eye on them.
  • Remove the trays from the oven. Work carefully, because the canes will be warm, and gently form them into a heart shape. Firmly press the points of the heart together, where the two candy canes join, to fuse them together. Set it aside to cool as you move on to another warm candy cane. Leave the candy canes on the warm baking sheet until you are ready to use them, since they get hard fairly quickly once they cool down.
  • If at any point the candy canes get too cool and become too difficult to shape, return them to the oven to soften for a few additional minutes. Once all of the hearts are formed, let them cool completely at room temperature before proceeding.
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