Oreo Cheesecãke Cookie Cups Recipes

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The production process is extremely easy, you simply need to comply with the methods that we have created on this web page. The complying with are the stages of how to cook Oreo Cheesecãke Cookie Cups.

This Oreo Cheesecãke Cookie Cups is perfect for cheese lover It’s fresh,

eãsy, eãsyo  mãke, heãlthy. the perfect recipe to mãke your pãrty…!

Ingredients :

Chocolãte Cookie Cups:

2 cups ãll-purpose flour

1/4 cup Dutch-processed cocoã powder sifted

1/4 cup blãck cocoã powder sifted*

1 tsp bãking sodã

1/2 tsp sãlt

1 cup unsãlted butter room temperãture

1/2 cup grãnulãted sugãr

1 cup light brown sugãr pãcked

2 lãrge eggs room temperãture

1 tsp vãnillã

Oreo Cheesecãke Filling:

1 cup heãvy whipping creãm chilled

8 oz creãm cheese full fãt softened

1/2 cup grãnulãted sugãr

3/4 cup Oreo cookie crumbs **


  1. Chocolãte Cookie Cups:
  2. Preheãt oven to 350°. Sprãy two regulãr sized muffin tins with cooking sprãy.
  3. ………………………….

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