List of Casual Surprise Gifts for Your Co-Workers for A Happy Working Environment

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List of Casual Surprise Gifts for Your Co-Workers for A Happy Working Environment


Another holiday season is soon to be around and you should start thinking about the presents your co-workers will appreciate to get for Christmas. Whether you’re coming up with an idea for a Secret Santa or you need a creative gift for your co-worker’s birthday, you’ll want to give them something they would really enjoy. The last thing you need is a fellow employee exchanging your gift and grumping around how they got you a more appropriate and a very thoughtful gift. Therefore, check out some of our suggestions that will certainly knock the co-workers out.


Aromatherapy essential oil diffuser


If your co-worker loves to relax with some calming essential oil aromas, then a diffuser will be a wonderful present for them. Throw in a few bottles of lavender essential oil to have it ready for the night of unwinding and Zen-ready atmosphere. The working environment can sometimes be overwhelming with so many tasks waiting to be completed, so giving them an aromatherapy essential oil diffuser will certainly make every day much better for your fellow employee.


Custom phone case


Aside from accessorizing our outfits, many of us enjoy accessorizing our smartphones as well. So, if you know that one of your co-workers loves to switch back and forth from one phone case to another, she’d definitely appreciate a custom phone case. Browse through a wide selection of cases and pick the most appropriate monogram phone case for her that will best fit her taste.  Be it a black leather case, or maybe the studded one in taupe, brown or hot pink, be sure you know exactly what colour is her favourite and make this holiday season the best one yet.


Vanity mirror with lights


If your co-worker is a true beauty addict, then she’ll love to have a vanity mirror with light in her collection. This mirror will allow her to do her make-up flawlessly every day and make sure all the irregularities on the skin are spotted on time so that she can deal with them before they wreak havoc on her face. A tri-fold mirror with LED light will take her make-up game to an entirely new level, and thanks to a 3x magnification to help her see, she will never miss an eyebrow hair that needs to be plucked out. 


Business card holder


Every serious business person needs to have an elegant business card holder in their arsenal of documents. Therefore, what better way to step up your fellow employee’s business game than to give them a business card holder for their birthday or as a Christmas present. Feel free to make it personalized and put their name on it or whatever other inscription you think will be appropriate for them. Your fellow employees will carry their business cards to meetings and conferences in style from then on.


A gift card


If you’re fresh out of ideas or you can’t make up your mind, then a gift card is the safest choice. Whether a gift card includes shopping in someone’s favourite clothing store or offers a relaxing spa treatment, they guarantee the satisfaction to the person you are giving a card to. The fellow employee will be free to choose anything they want and you get to be stress-free from having to find the perfect item. The stores offer online gift cards, which can be personalized with graphics and personal messages, so you won’t even have to leave the house if you’re doing last-minute shopping and every minute counts.


Final thoughts

Shopping for your co-workers doesn’t have to be a hassle. All you need to do is know a little bit more about them to know how to pick the right present. However, even if you’re not too familiar with each other, the presents we’ve listed for you will appeal to anyone’s interests.