How To Purify Weed Which Is Spiked

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Weed is a substance that is highly beneficial to humans. It provides us with several health benefits and helps to manage stress. Moreover, ingesting weed in any order has never led to any health complications or death. These facts are big reasons why several countries and governments are lifting the ban, such as America passing the Farm Bill in 2018.

However, the story transforms when it comes to laced weed. Although not many people take this form of weed, people who do are putting their health at risk. Sadly, the rarity of laced weed means that many people will not differentiate between regular cannabis and a tampered one. Hence, this article will explain what people can lace weed with and how to purify spiked weed.

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What Do People Lace Weed With?

To understand what people lace weed with, you first have to understand what laced weed is. This substance is any strain of cannabis that people mix with other drugs or substances. There are various things people add in weed, and they are:

  • Drugs

Drugs are the most common substances that people mix with cannabis. These drugs include cocaine, LSD, PCP, heroin, ketamine, and methamphetamine. Naturally, this mixture of drugs dramatically hikes the price, which is why some people are crazy about getting it. Using it can cause lung diseases, dehydration, overheating, seizures, and even death. That’s Why Your Smoke Shop Should Carry Detox Products

Mixing any of these with cannabis and ingesting may provide you with either instantaneous or gradual health complications, depending on what you combine with weed. Instead, you should stick to pure cannabis and try different ways of ingestion. If you want to try smoking, there should be a place to get smoking accessories wholesale or retail nearby. 

  • Detergents

Many dealers have stated that they combine weed with laundry detergent so that the traditional burning smell can go unnoticed. Instead, when their customers smoke this form of weed, it gives a pleasant aroma. However, the chemicals present in detergent can provide you with health complications after smoking for some time.

  • Inorganic substances

People add inorganic substances such as food additives, food colorings, and glass to change the physical composition, appearance, and smell of weed. Substances like glass and food colorings make the weed feel heavy and look colorful, while others like food additives alter the scent to a great degree. However, due to its indigestible nature, glass can cause significant problems for your digestive tract. Adding food additives and colorings is not a good idea either.

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How To Purify Spiked Weed?

As mentioned earlier, spiked weed is a dangerous mixture and can lead to several life-threatening health conditions. Thus, it would be best if you either threw it out or purified it, and we all know that purifying is the better option. It makes sure you don’t waste either your precious weed or the money you used to purchase it. Presently, there is one significant way of purifying weed which is curing with water.

Luckily, many of the chemicals that people add in cannabis mixtures dissolve into the water when they come into contact with it. Water curing involves immersing your cannabis into the water for a short period. After a while, you will begin to see the water change color to green due to chlorophyll. Other harmful chemicals should also shortly begin to come out of the weed and dissolve into the water. You may be surprised to see the water changing into several colors before ending up a dark color.


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How To Detect Tampered Weed?

You can tell if someone has spiked weed quite easily if you know what to look for. Some of the ways to detect it are:

  • Naturally, you can find a high amount of trichomes in cannabis. An absence of an abundant number of trichomes indicates that someone has tampered with that piece of cannabis.
  • Trichomes are substances that don’t fall off easily from cannabis. If you run your fingers through your fingers and many of them fall, it is a big sign that you need to purify your weed.
  • Food colorings and additives are also easy to detect. All you need to do is to take a piece of weed and divide it into two. If you check the internal surface, it maintains a similar color to the external body; nobody has tampered it.
  • For substances that alter smell, all you need to do is take a sniff of your cannabis. If it smells strangely pleasant and not the earthy smell you’re familiar with, you should consider purifying it.

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The Bottom Line

Laced weed is a hazardous substance you need to avoid. Fortunately, if you don’t want to throw your precious stash out, decide to purify it. Since crucial components such as THC and CBD are fat-soluble, they will not dissolve into the water no matter how much time passes. Many people who use this purified weed say that it feels bland and flat. However, compared to the health complications laced weed can cause, that’s a far better option.