Fruit and Yogurt Smoothie Recipes

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Hello, welcome to our recipe blog. Below you can get a guide on exactly how to make extremely delicious Fruit and Yogurt Smoothie dishes. The manufacturing process is extremely simple, you just require to adhere to the techniques that we have created on this page. The following are the stages of how to prepare Fruit and Yogurt Smoothie. Please follow the directions well.

I love smoothies. They’re fast, easy, healthy, and refreshing.

This one has just three ingredients but you’d never know it based on how creamy, smooth, and satisfying it is.


about 8 ounces (1 heaping cup) frozen mixed berries (I used strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries; fresh may be substituted but you’ll need to add ice)

6 ounces Silk Strawberry Dairy-Free Yogurt (or your favorite)
about 1 cup Silk Unsweetened Cashewmilk (or your favorite milk)

  • Add the fruit, yogurt, and about 1/2 cup milk to the canister of a blenderor food processor. Blend on high power and drizzle in remaining milk, as needed, until desired smoothie texture and consistency is achieved. Serve immediately. Extra portion will keep in a freezer-safe (plastic) glass for up to 1 month in the freezer. 
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