Apple Oat No Bake Bites Recipes

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The manufacturing process is really simple, you just need to follow the techniques that we have written on this page. The following are the phases of exactly how to prepare Apple Oat No Bake Bites.

happened, my 3.5 yr old has become quite a fussy little eater. So when it comes to filling lunchboxes its all about balls balls balls. These apple oat no-bake bites are a relatively new addition to my ball rotation, but based on the fact my little miss gobbled 5 during the photo shoot alone I think we can safely say they will be a regular.

Thus far I have not attempted these apple oat no-bake bites as nut free, that will be my next project. I suspect they will work with sunflower seeds. But I have tried them with both peanut butter and almond butter. I make them with peanut butter more often as it is so much cheaper than almond butter. But the almond version was scrummy.


  • Cooked apple or apple puree 200g 
  • Peanut butter 150g  (1/2 C)
  • Raisins 60g  (1/2C)
  •  Rolled oats 200g (2 C)


  • Watch the quick recipe video before you get started, scroll up a little to find it
  • Check the notes at the bottom of the recipe for little bits of extra info and help
  • In a food processor blitz the apple, peanut butter, and raisins. 
  • Add the rolled oats and using the pulse function on the food processor, pulse until combined
  • Take tablespoon fulls and roll into balls. If you find the mixture a bit sticky, dampen your hands
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