7 Tips To Make Your Vaping Experience Better

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An excellent vaping experience for a novice is crucial as it determines their perceptions towards vaping. If not guided into vaping as an experience by a professional, it might be unpleasant, and adapting can take quite a while. Therefore, finding ways in which to do it correctly is increasingly becoming the norm.

Information delivery, however, differs from one individual to another, and so is the understanding of the same information. Translations vary, which means that even with the right content, the vaping process can still gross you out.  However, you may consider employing these seven ways to boost the vaping experience and journey you are about to undertake.

1. Figure out Your Vaping Pen

The first step towards getting a better experience in vaping is understanding the device in use. Know which button turns the heating elements on and which turns it off. Identify where to place the vape juice i.e., the vape tank and how to assemble and reassemble the device.

See if you can adjust the heating element in your davinci iq vape pen. Comply with any operational rules that come with the device to avoid accidents and other dangerous activities that may occur as a result. These steps are fundamental in the maintenance of the vaping device. If one is new to vaping then it’s recommended one to start with disposable CBD pens as they are inexpensive and produce considerable smoke. 

2. Find the right vape juice

The market is quite diverse, and the cannabis products available range by brand, quality, and prices. As a novice in the market, getting the wrong products can mar your vaping experience forever. Low-quality products have disturbing or disgusting outputs, which are very unpleasant.

Searching for a premium vape juice or e-liquid is one of the best vaping tips a beginner can get. Quality e-liquids are hard to get, and knowing which reputable organizations provide them is what presents a challenge. However, with the right certifications and product history, it becomes more straightforward. 

3. Understand PG and VG ratio

Do you love vaping clouds that are huge with minimal limitations in their size? If yes, you should pay close attention to the PG/VG ratios. Vape juice with high VG or vegetable glycerin produces a larger and thicker cloud from your vaping in comparison with the PG or propylene glycol. However, there is that desirable throat hit an individual’s look forward to when vaping, which is quite mild with high VG. It remedies the situation by limiting the possibility of allergies arising from its use.

Depending on the size of the vape clouds or the strength of the throat hit you desire, you already know which ratio to choose.

4. Understand that Taste Matters a Lot

The fragrance that any item emits determines the experience and the final thoughts of a new user. Similarly, the aroma a vape juice has, in combination with its taste, determines the vaping experience before-hand. Since there are a variety of flavors from which you can choose, select a preferred character.

Choose from the tobacco flavored e-juices, but if you are a sweet tooth, you can always have fresh and fruity flavors like strawberry or pineapple or desert-based flavors like cookies and chocolate. If looking for relaxing and stress-relieving effects, then peppermint and other savory flavors might be more up your alley.

If looking for a cocktail, try combining one of two of your favorite tastes and take it. It might be more welcoming than a single vape juice flavor. If you do not have the desire to mix the flavors, consider getting different vape tanks that suit your vaping device. Changing the flavor tanks will help you decide the flavor you desire the most after trying them all.

5. Practice Proper Maintenance and Vape Juice Storage Techniques

Even though you may have already purchased your vape juice, it sometimes becomes difficult to vape immediately. Therefore, it is essential to know how to properly store it until you are ready to take that first vape. Find a dark space and store your e-liquid there. The darkness restores any lost flavors and increases the potency of the vape juice.

After purchasing the vape juice, ensure to shake it before loading it into your vaping device thoroughly. It allows the VG and PG ratios to mix thoroughly once more after sitting for too long. Load and close the vape tank as leaving it open undermines the quality of vape juice and vape.

6. Always Carry an Extra Battery


Whether you are a novice or an expert, having an extra battery for vaping is essential. New cells tend to fail, especially if the current goes overboard. Sometimes, they die, leaving you with no alternatives, which can deter your vaping experience. A backup device is the best decision you can have, even if trying to vape for the first time. You can get your hands on cannabis vape pen canada from a trusted source around you.

Even with an extra battery, it is fundamental to keep track of your battery connections. The connections, if cut or damaged, can result in weak vape outputs which undermine the vape experience for a beginner. Ensuring assembly is complete, and there are no damages of any kind, is essential.

7. Prep Your Device for Vaping before You Vape For Real

Well, start using your device even before loading your vape juice and taking your first vape. Ensure the vape tank fits properly, pre hit the vape coil, and allow the hit to go through before pressing the button to release the hot vapor. Ensure you do without your battery to prevent overheating or damaging your vaping coils. Adjust the voltage and ensure that the vape tank is full once you decide to go full mode and take your first vape.


The first experience is something that individuals should take into consideration. Become accustomed to your device, find the right vape juice, select the desirable flavor and vape juice scent, and finally prep your device fully. Know the different maintenance processes you can follow to ensure a better vaping experience.

With all these tips, you can make your vaping experience better. You can have the right flavor and the right quality of vape juice from a reliable source. If unsure of what you are having, seek professional assistance while making a purchase decision, among others.