7 Essential Things to Know About the Roof Rack on Your Car

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7 Essential Things to Know About the Roof Rack on Your Car

Roof racks are necessary accessories for all car owners. You need it to carry your gear and loads when going out with your vehicle. Buying the right rack for your vehicle is mandatory, but finding the appropriate model is tricky. That is why you need to understand the concepts that make up the roof rack manufacture industry.


In this post, we address the various facts you need to know when thinking of car roof racks. With the knowledge at hand, you can easily determine what type of rack you should get for your vehicle. Wise choices will save your pocket as well as your outdoor experience.


These seven tips will help you to buy the right quality rack for your vehicle.

1. The Strength

The roof racks build determines its strength. This, in turn, will control its durability and capacity. When buying one, you need to understand that the durability depends on the material, but not entirely. Poorly designed steel bars cannot serve you as much as elegant design aluminum.


While strong racks may come with a higher price, you should not sacrifice it based on your budget. Nobody wants to experience a breakdown halfway through the journey. Buy your racks only from expert manufacturers of roof racks that meet the need for use in harsh conditions.

2. Multipurpose Usabilities

Everybody has a personal adventure at any given time. Sometimes you may want to carry some office furniture on your roof rack, sports gear on another day, or your vacation supplies luggage. You understand that the need varies every time. In the same way, you may need to customize the rack to accommodate the goods you carry on your vehicle.


Multipurpose roof racks come with accessories for extending the usability of your racks. You can mount these accessories any time you are going out to facilitate the carrying of various items you want to carry along your journey.

3. About Universal Roof Racks


The roof racks are designed to fit your vehicle depending on whether it comes with the OEM roof bars or not. You can choose the rack to fit on your car roof depending on the presence of the bars. The universal roof racks fit well when you already have the roof bars for mounting, and the job is quite easy.


However, universal does not mean that you can use the roof rack on any vehicle. Different car models come in different sizes, and the roof racks are designed to fit specific models. When buying a universal rack, ensure that it meets the design of your car.

4. The Material Involved


Roof rack manufacturers use different kinds of materials when making the products. The most common are Steel and Aluminum. Steel is a hard material that can make a strong roof rack when compared to Aluminum. However, as we saw previously, the overall strength and durability depend on the design.


Steel is a heavy material. When used to make roof racks of the same size and design, Steel will be much heavier on your car, which would lead to more fuel consumption. You also need to consider whether the joints and fastening points are made of metal. Although it is cheap, plastic is not durable, and it can break at any time.

5. Fixing the Roof Racks on Your Car

The roof rack installation is a simple process. With a guide and the right tools, you can install your rack on the vehicle on your own. There is no need of hiring an expert to do the task for you. However, you need to ensure that you have the right rack designed for your vehicle model.

6. Accurately Using Your Roof Rack

Your car roof rack is a versatile accessory. You can use it on various weather conditions to expand the storage and holding capacity of your vehicle. You, however, need to take care and implement your safety and that of your goods and other road users while you are travelling or transporting items.


Carry a strong strap for tieing your goods. Ensure that you fasten your luggage on all the four corners of the rack. Pass the strap on your gear a few times to keep it in place. Make the end knot tight but easy to untie.

7. Roof Rack Maintenance

Occasional maintenance is necessary to make your rack durable. Inspection and lubrication are some of the maintenance practices you need to carry out on your roof rack. Some people also report that the racks cause dust to accumulate and wash off the paint off the car roof. If you notice that detailing your car is not sufficient, you may want to take your rack down and clean up everything and restore it when everything is dry.

To Sum it Up

Buying a roof rack for your vehicle will facilitate your movement and transportation needs. Taking care of the rack is necessary to ensure that it serves you as long as possible. While it is common to set a budget when shopping, you may want to know that the price of a roof rack does not determine its quality. For example, Steel is strong but cheaper than Aluminum, which is more resistant to corrosion.