7 Creative ideas to light up your kitchen

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Kitchens have always been a focal point of the architectural layout of a well-designed home. It is the space that can speak volumes about your style. Gone are the days when kitchens were only used for cooking. In modern times, kitchens are a place to have a great time with your family or bond over some coffee and snacks with your best buds. Nevertheless, a well planned and a cozy kitchen will add charm to your living space.

If you have been busy churning up ideas to renovate your cooking space, there are lots of places to get your inspiration from. But no matter what type of interiors you choose for your kitchen, if the area isn’t well-lit, you may not be entirely happy with the results.

Along with creative cabinet doors to contemporary tiles, lighting is another major factor to add to your kitchen interiors. We are here to give you some creative ideas to light up your kitchen. Read on…

1. Lantern lighting


Lighting up your kitchen with cute decor pieces such as lantern lighting will not only give a cozy vibe to the place but will also look quite charming. There are various designs of lanterns you can choose from. They are also available in different finishes such as gold or brass. You can choose one depending on the colors already present in your kitchen. Make sure to blend them well with the other elements in your kitchen, though. You can also choose a single lantern light as your statement piece and customize it with any bold color.

2. White dome lighting

If your kitchen has lots of colorful elements, some white dome lights will give your space a rather sophisticated look and feel. Also, it will neutralize the colors and add a balance. Dome lights come with various intensities of light. You can place the brighter ones just above the hob or the place where the maximum cooking happens. You can place the dim lights near the sink or above the dining table as well, to give the whole space some drama.  


3. Quirky lighting

If your sense of style is a bit quirky, then there are some rather interesting options for you to choose from. You can include some quirky glow signs or lighting made by recycling specific kitchen items. They will make your kitchen unique, one-of-a-kind and worthy of Instagram. Imagine some upside-down cup and saucers or graters with light bulbs inside hanging from the ceiling of your kitchen. Like the idea? You can easily incorporate them into your kitchen. 

4. Vintage lighting

Victorian era vintage lighting will do wonders for your kitchen if you believe in “ Old is Gold”. Lights in a rustic finish, brass or copper will look great. As these are the colors frequently used in kitchen interiors, it will also help you pull up the color scheme together. You can either go for elaborate pieces or minimalistic ones depending on your preference. 

5. Chandeliers 


Chandeliers are a great way to add drama to your otherwise mundane kitchen interiors. They come in different makes. You can choose between modern, contemporary or traditional pieces, depending on the overall look you want to give to your kitchen. You can use Chandeliers for your dining table lighting as well. However, do remember not to go extravagant on any other interior item in your kitchen as the place can end up looking gaudy.


6. Beam lighting


This chic style of lighting is slowly catching up with people for its ease of use. Beam lights are nothing but lighting fixed on beams, running across the kitchen. With this kind of lighting, you have total control over the brightness as well. You can either use rustic light bulbs or LED lights that are energy saving. Lights incorporated on wooden beams will give a warm vibe to your kitchen. 


7. White and gold blob kitchen lighting

This classic style of lighting uses white and gold blob lights to light up your kitchen. The color scheme of white and gold is extremely classy and will make your kitchen interiors look picture perfect. This type of lighting will complement the interiors of your kitchen well, especially if you have used white rather extensively. Blob lighting is also ceiling-mounted and does not take much space, making it perfect for compact kitchens. They are also known to distribute lighting evenly throughout the space. If you are

looking for some lighting ideas that don’t take away the attention from your fabulous kitchen cabinets but still look classy, you can choose this lighting.


When it comes to choosing the right kitchen lighting, it is essential to note the type and color scheme of your kitchen interiors. The kind of lighting you want should complement the overall design and not clash with it. Also, the kitchen should be well lit, especially the part with the hob as poor lighting can lead to accidents. You can choose softer lighting for the dining area. The lighting you want should be both functional, along with having aesthetic value.

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