6 Tips to Keep Skin Soft and Glowing In Winter

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Winters mean short days and long cold nights. The season also means warm layered clothes, hot chocolate, and barbecues. There are many reasons to love the cold season. But the weather conditions may not show kindness to your skin, and your skin may not respond well to the harsh weather. Winters give rise to many skin concerns like dry and itchy skin, flakes, irritation, and redness. The ability of your skin to hold on to moisture reduces by about twenty-five per cent in winters. But you need not be afraid; you can ensure that your skin is supple and bright if you are diligent about your skincare. 

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of six tips to keep skin soft and glowing in winter. Following these tips will help you achieve smooth, radiant skin this winter and ensure that the holiday photographs are stunning. 

Pay attention to internal hydration

Hydration is the holy grail of skincare. For luminous skin, what you take in is as important as what you apply on your body. Water constitutes thirty percent of your skin. For healthy skin, you need to replenish the water levels in case of loss. Simply put, it means you should drink plenty of water. If you are not so fond of drinking plain water, there are plenty of other options like infused water, juices, and even soups. You also have the option of consuming water-rich foods like cucumbers, tomatoes, and oranges. Did you know sleep can help repair the moisture barrier of your skin? Yes, it does! For this reason, make sure you are getting quality sleep.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

Dry skin starts showing the signs of aging faster. The chances of wrinkles increase with the increase in the dryness of the skin. This should alarm you and alert you to use moisturizer. Moisturizer must be an essential step of your everyday skincare routine throughout the year, but the need for this product increases in winter. Winters also call for special moisturizers. Your face needs maximum moisturizing because it is the most exposed to the weather conditions. Note that your skin must not be bare for more than 60 seconds because moisture will evaporate quickly. Consequently, your skin may become tight and dry. To counter this, moisturize immediately after cleansing.

Use a gentle cleanser

Try not to use soaps with harsh chemicals for cleansing your face. The skin of the body will also do better with a moisturizing body wash. Harsh cleansers can strip away the much-needed moisture and natural oils from the surface. We recommend switching to a creamy cleanser for the winter. Use warm water while washing yourself rather than hot water. 

Exfoliate diligently

In winter, your skin turns dry and churns out dead skin cells faster. The dead skin cells build-up on your skin makes it look dull and prevent moisture from reaching the live skin cells. To have radiant skin, you need to clear the dead skin cell build-up. Once you do this, fresh skin cells will have the chance to take over. Exfoliation is also necessary to enhance the effectiveness of your skincare products. With this step, you are basically restoring and replenishing your skin. For best results, exfoliate in moderation. Buff away dead skin cells twice a week. You could use physical or chemical exfoliants for this purpose. Remember to exfoliate your body along with your face. Exfoliating scrubs are better for the body, while chemical exfoliants are more suitable for the gentle skin of your face. Do not over-exfoliate as this can do more harm than good. You mustn’t be afraid of exfoliating in a prescribed amount, as it helps you attain a clear complexion and flawless-looking skin.  

Invest in a humidifier

In winter, the humidity levels go down drastically. The dry air will take moisture from any and every surface, including our skin. Investing in a humidifier can help you get dewy skin. This is because it increases the moisture level in the air and counteracts the effects of dry air, preventing the evaporation of moisture from your skin. For a hydrated and healthy complexion, purchase and use a humidifier during the cold winter days. 

Help your skin with essential fatty acids

Omega-3 and Omega-6 are polyunsaturated fatty acids that act as faithful friends to your skin. These PUFAs help the skin to function normally and enhance its appearance. Omega-3 helps in reducing the effects of sun damage to your skin and combats inflammation as well as the signs of aging. Omega-6 helps the structural integrity of your skin as well as the barrier. You could either consume these essential nutrients orally or apply these topically. Both methods are effective in helping your skin. It is also possible to use both ways at once to ensure perfect functioning and glowing appearance of your skin.

In case you have severe skin issues, it is best to consult a dermatologist for a suitable winter skincare regime. In case you require help with scars, you should try silicone gel. It is clear and, therefore, not visible to others. There are always solutions available. Follow the above skincare tips religiously and enjoy your glowing and soft skin this winter!