5 Common Electrical Mistakes to Avoid in This Winter

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When I am writing this article, my hands are a little bit cold, miserable, and froze. Yes, we all have already entered into the winters. Soon the temperature would fall short, and the surroundings will become colder. It’s December already! While we move to get warm in winter, we usually prefer being at home. Our home must be oomph and cozy to give comfort in winter. We will put on our heaters. We will be busy in cleaning the snow that floods our courtyard every day. Winters compel you to do some extra tasks, while you must take extreme care!

Whether it’s your office or it is your home, you need to keep things safe. “To err is human, To correct is divine.” A saying that suits the context herein perfectly. While winter will lead you to nasty snowfall or shoveling snow, you probably can make mistakes and wound yourself. Many people injure themselves every year because of the wrong actions in the winter. You need to take care of your electric gadgets that may not freeze or burst out in winters. Making mistakes in dealing with the house’s electricity supply can result in calamitous conditions. In this article, I have compiled the major five common electrical mistakes to avoid in this winter. Mindfully go through them! 

1. Leaving your wires untapped outside in winters is risky:

It is necessary to establish an electrical connection set-up that is safe and preventive for any external hazard. It is preferable that the electrical boxes should cover the open wires and cables that junction the electricity supply in our homes or offices. Keeping them untapped in winters can cause to its snow scraping or freezing it out. When putting the cables into the electrical box for a better junction, take care of the size of the box. Too small box spoils the purpose of safety, and chances of short circuits are more to happen. Leaving the wires bare outside to get colder in winter can cause you loss of lives and severe damage to your house or office and even to the neighboring premises. Do not leave your wires and cables unboxed.

2. Using low-quality switches and cables:

When it comes to electrical precautions, you cannot take any minor risks too! When you choose to equip your electrical connection with unsupportive switches, wires, cables, and outlets, you are risking your own lives. The quality of these electric elements can increase or decrease the chances of tampering your electrical socket. When the switches and cables are inferior, the possibility of getting it heated-up is more, and the probability of sparks and electric short circuits are likely. It is better to avoid such shameful step and instead pick up the best quality of switches, wires, and all other elements that completes your electrical outlet requirements. Winters can freeze them with the cold breeze, and your low-quality materials would not able to resist it anymore! 

3. Do not expose the frozen pipes to electric heaters or flames directly:

In winter, people have a habit of cleaning snow from each part of the place. Some even go on the roof to clean it. People also effort to release the frozen pipes, windows, and doors by heating them. Certain times your pipes may get iced-up and hold over the steadiness. If you get an idea to heat them with a burning flame or an electrical heater, empty it right away from your mind. You may have put inside the exceptional Power cord under these pipes for a better electrical junction. Your electric burner can damage it. I know, I know you would not wish to let it happen. Heating the frozen pipe with an electrical burner can cause electrocution. It could impact your pipes adversely. I insist you on using warm wipers electrical heating tape for a safe outcome. 

  1. Check twice for the backdrop of your electrical outlet arrangement:

You make your electrical arrangement usually outside the house if you reside in a penthouse. Perhaps you forget to be concerned about the wall background or the surface in the back of your electrical arrangement. Imagine that your electrical socket is on a wall that is of wooden surface or maybe some other flammable element. In such cases, you may have to face some surprisingly dangerous consequences. The combustible wall surface may influence the sparks or short circuits in the socket. It may make the fuse burn off completely. Such an ignitable wall surface can lead the whole house on fire. Therefore, you must make a clear choice of selecting the wall background for your electrical arrangement concern. By doing this, you may save the loss to life and property also! 

5. Make sure your heating gadgets are cooled down properly:

Often, people make mistakes to check back the things and circumstances before they leave their places. What if, you left off your office leaving back your electric burner switched on to burst out your office? What if you slept through the entire night, and found that your electric heater was on for the whole night causing the blasts in the electrical outlet? You should check before you sleep or you should verify before you leave your office, that your electrical appliances have cooled down. If your house has a fire burner that operates from the electricity as mentioned in this picture, and you leave it flaming all night, imagine the morning you will open up your eyes and find the evil done! It is, therefore, essential to keep an eye on all the electric gadgets you use in winters to warm-up.

The final suggestion – Remember, nothing is more important than you. It is in your hands that how will you secure your lives. Go and check your electrical arrangements for your house, office, and every other place that belongs to you now!