5 basic rules for matching a tie with a shirt and jacket

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5 basic rules for matching a tie with a shirt and jacket


Various shades of color are the most significant element in an individual’s attire. It is to be taken into consideration always. The basic rule in never mixing more than a couple of shades into an outfit. And some rare exceptions, barring the suit, are the shirt and tie colors. How does a well-attired man defines and been reviewed, based on his grooming and trendy accessories? Both are the indicators of determining the style quotient and his attitude. A well-attired man requires to be able to synchronize his suit along with the Tie. Having knowledge in creating a nice and stylish looking outfit and tie combination is just a matter of flair and classiness. The five rules for matching a tie and a shirt and jacket, as discussed below, will go in-depth, matching the specific requirements. Men require to make smart decisions before purchasing any clothing and their associated accessories. Read on to gather knowledge concerning the said topic.


  • Tie perfecting the shirt & jacket


Focus on the matching of the accessories with the jacket you are going to wear. You should be thoroughly aware of the look, along with your pricey items, like the shirt and jacket. Then in accordance, you can move on to match the tie with the same. Just buying a branded and good-quality shirt and a jacket to match the ties you have with you currently, is not the only smartest way to build-up a wardrobe. You should buy the related items in questions, by keeping in mind the following precedence.

Aim to buy a neutral shade jacket or a blazer. Solid colors are also a reasonable option. It is very much easy to match a navy-blue jacket/blazer than a bright colored or patterned one. You should then invest in buying a good-quality shirt. You can never go wrong while experimenting with solid colors like white, off-white, or shades of blue. Sometimes, you can stretch your imagination and experiment with shades of pink, greens, or checker patterns. Finally, your tie should be expensive, directly relating to the fabric quality. In the fashion world, your personality epitomizes with sorts of ties you wear. Keep a note on your shirt and jacket’s color shade always. 


  • Proportionate ties


Ties are readily available in various men’s wardrobes, as well as accessories outlets, comprising of multiple sizes and lengths. As a generic guideline, ensure that the tie you wear measures around 3 to 3.5 inches in width, and also matches the lapel width. If they are more significant than that, they tend to look too thick or disproportionate. It takes prominence of the crucial areas of your attire, like the jacket itself. And, if it is too thin, then it will make you look larger. Yet, an additional way to determine the tie measurements is the width of the jacket’s lapels. The tie you wear, should always closely resemble the lapels, for looking proportionate in a balanced way.


  • Patterned ties


Option not only is a great thing for men, but they stand to be a bit confusing too. There are various sorts of tie that you can find at your local menswear retail outlet. Right from patterned tiles with dots, solids, small repetitive ones, stripes (both wide and thin ones), and paisley. Your tie’s pattern should never match the shirt pattern, and this should be your mantra while cherry-picking the same. For instance, you should never wear a blue pinstripe shirt along with a similar-sized proportioned tie. The colors will blend, leaving no space for contrast.  


  • Color shades of Tie 


With cooler color shades like royal blue, shades of purple, or greens, you can never go wrong.  It ensures that a vast range of jackets or shirts ought to pair well. A tie depends upon them being light-hued and simplistic in the pattern. Gift yourself with the added attention with the warm-colored ties, playing a significant role. Shades of yellows, reds, or oranges team perfectly with a charcoal or a navy blue formal suit. You can wear this combination when attending any official conference.


  • Types & styles of ties


There are various sorts of ties readily available in the menswear retail outlet, where you get ample options to go for your ideal match with your preferred shirts and jackets. In recent times, with the uproar of men’s fashion, new sorts of ties and bowties are ruling. You can lay your hands on the various styles, emphasizing its significance and versatility, which you should be aware of while purchasing. Different instructions on tying a bow tie and tie are readily available in the contemporary fashion realm.  You should be mindful of choosing any neck, bowtie, or material, which purchasing the same.


A classy silk tie is the best one that you can ever buy. The soft feel of the silk fabric, clubbed with its familiarity, turns it to be the first choice among men. The material varies from mild to slightly stiff one. You should purchase the same, keeping in mind its exact requirement and the exact shirt or jacket you are going to wear. A cashmere tie, seconding the silk one,  is a rare one seen and radiating elegance! You can wear the same during winters, as the fabric is season-specific. When choosing a stain tie, keep in mind the usage of various sorts of satin-weaves. Any satin tie has a natural sheen, and they are pocket-friendly as compared to the silk or cashmere ones. Last but not least, a polyester tie, in a real sense, inspires from the luxurious silk ones. They are also not too expensive, and is very common among the commoners’ wardrobe!

Tie matching-lines

In concern with the basic rules for matching a tie with a shirt and a jacket, you should remember the basic colors. Opt for the opposing color, rather than choosing those that are too similar to each other. Purchase a tie while keeping in mind your personality, style, and bravura. They all add-on to the detailing and depth to the shirt-jacket combination. You are very much sure of what sort of color, on which you have your free reigns. That is it! With the various means to coordinate wisely over the ties you own, along with the shirt and jacket with full-confidence, you should create your individualistic fashion statement.