20 unique “something blue” for your wedding day!

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20 Unique “Something Blue” for Your Wedding Day!

When planning a wedding, it’s easy to find something old and something new. Something borrowed comes as second nature when you realize you forgot something. Something blue, however, causes stress for harried brides.

Here are 20 unique ideas for “something blue” on your wedding day!

Your Dress

Opting for an off-white dress is the perfect balance of tradition and modernism. Buy your dress in a subtle shade of blue, like Cloudy Blue from Azazie

Smoke Bombs

Smoke bombs are a new trend in wedding celebrations. These are great for capping off a wedding ceremony and creating wonderful photo opportunities. 

An Honored Guest

Ask an honored guest to dress in blue. It could be the mother or father of the bride or groom, a grandparent or a best friend.

Bouquet Charms

Bouquet charms are a subtle way to incorporate blue elements into your journey down the aisle. Opt for a blue ribbon to adhere your charms to the flowers.

Passed Loved One Tribute

Weddings bring up a lot of emotions, especially if someone special couldn’t be a part of your day. Honor them with a saved seat and photo in a blue frame.

Unity Candle

The unity candle ceremony is a traditional wedding ritual that many still practice today. Opt for blue candles or a blue accent piece on the unity candle as a subtle “something blue.”

Sand Ceremony

Sand ceremonies are a modern twist on the unity candle ritual. Instead of lighting a candle together, you pour sand from two small chalices into one large one. Add blue sand or sparkles to the ceremony.

Handfasting Ribbons

Handfasting is a pagan practice in which you literally “tie the knot.” Incorporate this practice into your ceremony with blue ribbons or cords to bind you together.

Pocket Squares

Pocket squares are a subtle accessory that brings the groom’s look together. Add a blue pocket square to your groom specifically, and have the groomsmen use a different color.


There’s nothing wrong with shedding a few tears at your ceremony. Bring a blue handkerchief with you to dab away your happy tears.


Have a small blue accent embroidered somewhere on your dress. Let it be something meaningful, like a heart from your grandmother or your child’s initials.

Clutch Lining

If blue doesn’t fit your overall theme, add a subtle pop of color to the lining of your clutch. The only person who notices it will be you.

Gem Stones

Adding a few blue gemstones is a subtle way to sparkle. Whether it’s sapphires in your ring or a few hidden gems in your hair, this is one of the easiest ways to add something blue.

The Ocean

If you’re having a beach wedding, you’ll have your blue element in the most incredible way possible. Make the crashing waves and clear skies your good luck charm for the day.

Accent Flowers

Add a few subtle accent flowers to your bouquet or blue petals to the flower girl’s basket. Hydrangeas and forget-me-nots are amazing accent flowers.

Tie Clips

No one really notices that the men in the bridal party are wearing tie clips, making it the perfect way to incorporate a hint of blue subtly.

Aisle Markers

Candles, ribbons, or flowers make excellent aisle markers. Add a few blue pieces for an easy way to fulfill this tradition.


No Jewish wedding ceremony is complete without a Chuppah to symbolize the home the happy couple will build together. Use blue fabric or a few blue accents if you have a Chuppah.

Nail Polish

If you plan on getting a manicure for your big day, add a blue accent nail. Better yet, make it your wedding ring finger so that your partner has an easy target to put on the ring. You’d be surprised how hard it is to tell left from right when emotions are running high.

Pet Collar

If man’s best friend is your honorary best man, dress him (or her) up with a blue collar.

There are endless options for adding something blue to your wedding day. Choose one of these and you’ll be good to go