10 Surprising Health Benefits of Sleep

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10 Surprising Health Benefits of Sleep


Remember all the times when all you could think of was to snuggle with your favorite pillow and enjoy a relaxing good night’s sleep? Well, I am sure we all love to enjoy resting the thoughts and activities of our every day and enjoy a peaceful sleep at night. But sleep is not just about resting your body alone. It is a way of relaxing your body and mind and giving it some time off the clock. Several studies in the past few years share the importance of catching up on regular sleep hours. While you might feel like skipping out sleep could give you a little more time to play, learn, party, or watch your favorite TV series, your nap time is crucial to maintain your overall health and wellness. Apart from the creative dreams, sleep has various surprising health benefits too that you need to know about.


  1. Sleep keeps your stress levels in check: Everyday activities cause stress to your body and mind. All organs of your body stay on high alert to perform their respective functions throughout the day. Sleep is necessary to provide the rest required for these organs to replenish energy and give a fresh start to the day. Lack of sleep puts stress on the body and mind. It could cause problems, such as high blood pressure and hormonal stress, which could further disturb your sleep patterns. Enjoying your everyday sleep ensures you give your body and mind the adequate time to rest and recover and perform better.


  1. Sleep increases your alertness: When you enjoy a goodnight`s sleep, your entire body, especially the sensory organs, are properly geared up to face the new challenges of the day. It helps you feel refreshed, which enhances your focus. Lack of sleep causes your body to feel tired and exhausted. It causes you to lose focus, and you might not be able to perform your best. Staying active can happen if your body is well-rested. Also, with sleep, the energy produced goes towards your performance.  It increases your productivity and the efficiency of work. Your body is working on the task at hand, now that you don’t feel exhausted anymore. Good sleep helps keep your mind active and enhance concentration level throughout the day.


  1. Sleep helps take care of your emotional and mental wellbeing: Emotional and mental struggles such as depression, anxiety are common causes of insomnia or lack of sleep. Lack of sleep leaves you feeling low and extremely sensitive to emotional outbursts and mood swings, which could worsen these symptoms. Lack of sleep causes low energy to the brain, which could trigger negative emotions and thoughts and make you anxious. Mindful sleeping patterns are the best way to achieve good emotional wellbeing and mental health. Yoga, workouts, meditation helps wear out your body and mind and calm them to ensure you sleep well. It helps restore balance to your mental state and aids you to cope with fluctuating emotions. Some sleeping aids such as Zopiclone can also be useful for people suffering from mental health problems to achieve the required amount of sleep.


  1. Sleep helps improve your heart health: Statistics indicate that high blood pressure is one of the leading causes of death across the world. High blood pressure increases the risk of stroke, heart diseases, and sleep could be your cue card to reduce the risk of this problem. If you have a disturbed sleep pattern, it tends to put your body through rapid cycles of “Fight or Flight” response, which is our body’s defense mechanism towards the environment. It puts pressure on your cardiovascular system and could raise your blood pressure levels. A good sleep pattern matches your body’s sleep cycle and enhances your rest. Your sleep and wake up time need to sync well with every organ. It ensures your heart health is well intact, and your cardiovascular system is relaxed to function normally.


  1. Sleep helps control diabetic disorders: Studies indicate that poor sleep could be a primary issue in triggering the risk of diabetes. Lack of proper sleep influences fluctuations in insulin regulation and resistance. Such fluctuations in insulin levels directly affect the blood sugar levels leading to diabetes. A study conducted among healthy young men showed that keeping up with only four hours of sleep for six nights in a row triggered prediabetic symptoms. It also shows that these symptoms disappeared after resorting to healthy sleep patterns for one week. Sleep helps manage your insulin secretion better and controls your blood sugar and glucose levels well.


  1. Sleep can help build a strong immune system: Sleep is our body`s time to cope with the damage and focus energy on healing and growth. A two-week-long study involved monitoring the growth of the cold virus introduced in the subjects. The results show that people who nap for more than eight hours were three times less likely to catch a cold as opposed to people with less than seven hours of sleep. Hence sleep can improve our immune system health naturally. 



  1. Sleep can help recover from inflammation: Lack of proper sleep could lead to undesirable inflammation and cell damage in the body. Studies relate to lack of sleep to long-term inflammation, especially in the digestive tract leading to chronic problems. Sleep helps focus the energy in the body in fighting the inflammation. Restoring proper sleep cycles can help get rid of these problems and reduce the risk of reoccurrence in the future.


  1. Sleep helps build-up faster: If you have been working out hard and still haven’t seen results, maybe it is your irregular sleep cycles that are affecting your results. Your body requires sleep to heal and recover the cells and tissues. Your body also releases growth hormones during the early wave of sleep, which helps achieve your dream weight and get into shape. Lack of sleep could lead to exhaustion and muscle pain.


  1. Sleep can help you achieve weight loss: If you are struggling with obesity or weight problems, sleep could be your green card to better weight management. Proper sleep keeps your hormones in check and ensures you do not have cravings too often. This way, you can stay clear of unhealthy foods filled with calories and get to your dream weight faster.


  1. Sleep helps keep your skin healthy: Poor sleep causes stress, depression, anxiety, and rapid hormonal fluctuations, which could lead to chronic skin problems. Breakouts, allergies, and psoriasis are commonly associated with stress and mood disorders. Proper sleep ensures that the chemicals are in the right amounts, and you have beautiful skin. Also, poor sleep causes rapid aging of skin and appearance of fine lines, dark circles, wrinkles. You can avoid these problems by keeping up with your sleep right on schedule.


These amazing health benefits should be a valid reason to get you to bed on time. Remember to match your body sleep cycle to ensure you get proper rest while you are asleep.